Traditional Italian style fried food composed of : potato croquettes with salami, bucatini pasta omelette, fried montanara pizza with tomato sauce, fried battered courgettes, fried courgette flower with ricotta cheese

Serving of 4 potato croquettes with salami

Serving of 4 battered and fried courgette flowers filled with ricotta cheese, cheese and julienne type courgettes.

PDO Buffalo-milk mozzarella cheese of 250 gr. with toasted bread with oil and fresh tomato

Serving of 4 toasted breads with fresh tomato, oregano and extra virgin oil

PDO Buffalo-milk mozarella cheese of 250 gr with ready-sliced and seasoned “ Parma”

Porzione di patatine fritte con polpettine di carne e fonduta al formaggio

Sauté of mixed seafood with little tomatoes and deep-fried cubes of bread

Rock octopus salad with boiled potatoes, green olives and extra virgin oil.

Breaded and fried bucatini pasta timbale filled with minced meat, peas, béchamel and cheese

Traditional sea salad with calamari, shrimps and octopus, extra virgin oil and lemon.

Fried anchovies and salted codfish, salt, pepper and lemon

Cutting board of mixed delicacies according to chef’s fantasy for 2 persons


“ Alla Verace” paccheri pasta with clams, courgette flowers and langoustines
Paccheri pasta with seafood of mussels, clams, lupines, and with fresh small tomatoes
Risotto with courgette flowers, bacon, shrimps and small tomatoes
“ Scoglio” scialatielli pasta with :
fresh seafood, squids, shrimps
“ Luciana” linguine pasta with small octopus, small tomatoes, olives and capers
Spaghetti pasta with clams and “pomodorini del Piennolo” (grape tomato grown in Campania)
Potato gnocchi “Sorrento style”, with tomato sauce, provola cheese and parmesan
“Primmavera “ paccheri pasta with PDO “pomodorino del piennolo” ( grape tomato grown in Campania) , yellow small tomatoes called “ pachetelle gialle del Vesuvio”, basil pesto and parmesan flakes
“Caprese” style ravioli filled with caciotta cheese and majoram, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil
Spaghetti pasta with “pomodorini del Piennolo“ (grape tomato grown in Campania) and basil
Neapolitan style lasagne with tomato sauce, provola cheese, ricotta cheese, minced meat, parmesan and basil
Penne pasta with “Arrabbiata“ sauce (hot chili pepper based sauce): fresh tomato, bacon, cream and chili
Tagliatelle pasta with “Bolognese” sauce, with tomato sauce, minced meat, parmesan and basil
“Carbonara“ spaghetti pasta with bacon, eggs, pecorino cheese and pepper


Salmone al limone con verdure e citronette

Salted codfish in cassuola, with small tomatoes, olives, capers, toasted bread cubes

Mixed grilled fishes of the gulf, fresh catches of the day according to availabilities

Mediterranean swordfish

Shrimps, squids, salt, pepper and lemon

Grilled ”Cuberoll” of 350 gr with chips

Traditional fried fishes of Campania with small mullets, small codfishes and small anchovies, fresh catches of the day

Escaloped chicken strips with lemon, arugula and grana cheese flakes

Grilled slices of “ Cuberoll” Beef with arugula and grana cheese flakes, small tomatoes and icing of PDO balsamic vinegar

Chianina hamburger of 250 gr. with chips


Green salad, chicory, olive oil tuna, corn, green olives, PDO buffalo mozzarella cheese morsels

Green salad, small tomatoes, grilled chicken breast’s stripes, toasted bread, CESARE sauce

PDO buffalo mozzarella cheese in slices, tomatoes for salad, fresh basil, oregan and extra virgin oil

Frisella poured with lemon octopus, Gaeta black olives, PDO Cetare anchovies, small tomatoes and PDO Sorrento extra virgin oil


The sweet delights of tradition



Cheese Cake

Panna Cotta


Of The Day

Meat Menu   €15

1 First Dish + 1 Second Dish + 1 Dessert of the Day + 1 Small Beverage

Menu Pizza   €15

1 Mixed Fried Fishes + 1 Pizza + 1 Dessert of the Day + 1 Small Beverage + 1 Coffee

Sea Menu   €25

1 First Dish + 1 Second Dish + 1 Dessert of the Day + 1 Small Beverage